Market / Competitor Analysis

Sound market/competitor analysis is key to a good search engine promotion strategy.

You need to understand your business/market from a web perspective. What keywords/phrases are related to your business, which ones are searched for the most. Who are your main competitors and what strategies are they using. We can provide a comprehensive analysis of your business/market which includes:-

Full keyword research - which words and phrases are related to your business.

A full keyword analysis - how many times your keywords and phrases have been searched for on the major search engines over the last 60days. - this is very important if nobody searches on your keywords then you will not get any site traffic even if you rank #1 on Google for the keyword.

Competition analysis - find out how your competition are doing, either you nominate three competitors or we can select three from the first page of the Google results. We will then conduct a full ranking report for the major search engines, a summary of the indicated Page Rank (PR), a detailed analysis of the top 5 competing sites, for your keywords, on Google, MSN or Yahoo! which will provide keyword density and other important factors.

AdWords analysis - how many other companies are using AdWords to sell similar products or services. How effectively are they doing it.

Linking Analysis - Find out who is linking to your site and more importantly who links to your competitors sites. This is a very important factor, links from high Page Rank (PR) sites will improve your ranking - so if you see from the report that a competitor has a link from a particular high PR site - you can try to also get a link from that site and improve your ranking.

We will provide you with our view of the relevance of your keywords and a statement defining our opinion as to how easy it would be to promote your site to rank in the top #20 on Google and Yahoo!.



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