Search Engine Optimisation and Site Promotion

A well designed web site is of no use to you if nobody gets to see it!

Search Engine Optimisation and Promotion is what it is all about.

Nobody in business designs a website with the intention of keeping it to themselves.

But, this is so often the case. Search Engines like Google are very good at finding websites. So chances are that if you search for your company name on Google it will pull up your web site. But only those who know your company will ever actually search for it on Google. What you need is for searches for your products and services to show your web site.

Webease can achieve this for your company.

Either acting as a consultant along side your design team or contracted to perform the complete package of work.

We will perform an analysis of your competition and determine suitable strategies for achieving the required site visibility and online market penetration. This will include a keyword analysis to find out the keywords and keyword phrases that are likely to yield the required results.

The content of certain key web pages will then be written or modified to make it more attractive to the search engines for given keywords.

We will get you indexed by the major search engines usually within 2 weeks.

We will agree a planned programme for the promotion of your site that is consistent with your budget. This would normally involve targeting 2-3 of your keywords and promoting them. When they reach a prominent position we then select the next set of keywords and promote them.

The number of high quality links to your site is key to your site's ranking. We will run a links campaign for you which will actively seek relevant high quality linking partners and negotiate a link exchange. We will monitor these links on a monthly basis to check that they are still current and initiate corrective action where necessary.

The world of the Search Engines is very dynamic. We receive and review monthly reports from search engine analysts who provide researched methods for achieving good search engine rankings. We update our methods accordingly.

We will provide regular ranking reports to show how pages of your site are performing in terms of ranking against the agreed keywords and phrases.

For mature sites we will continue to monitor your search engine positioning for your keywords and phrases and against the competition. We will make the necessary modifications to the page content to retain your site's visibility and continue the active links campaign.




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